A bit of joy for the 55+, too!

Big thanks to Arf, that – using a little voodoo – has managed to dump an older firmware from a vanilla ARGO55+!
So we can downgrade the ADSL flavour, too :)

I’ve updated the relevant post, please let me know if there’s something wrong.


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  • arf says:

    I’m investigating on this version (1.3.20) and I’m pretty sure that it does’t work with the current configuration of Fastweb infrastrucure.
    I had to update the firmware to the newest version in order to have my line working as expected.
    By the way I will let you know if I will have any update.

    • bano says:

      Ouch. Unfortunately I can’t do any test on this – I haven’t a 55+ – but I can try to help you in the diagnosis.
      Meanwhile, I’ll had a warning on the post.

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