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Amtec (ElsagDatamag) Argo 55/95 – Take 1: The innards —

Since the first weeks of 2011, the italian provider Fastweb is delivering this router to new customers. Since it’s a full-featured router, with a full-featured web interface (but inaccessible to the user), it seemed quite a nice idea to study the box a bit.

First a notice: Argo 55 is the model delivered with ADSL contracts, while Argo 95 is the FTTH variant – from what I can tell, the hardware is more or less identical, the only difference being the presence of an ADSL modem in the 55, which becomes a media converter in he 95. Said that, these articles will use the Argo 95 – the one I have at home – as a basis.

So let’s take a peek at the inner guts of the thing:

Argo 95 innards

Argo 95 innards (click to enlarge)

Nice, huh? From left to right we have the power supply section, the media converter, the switch (and, in the lower section, the SoC) and the ATA. In the lower right corner there’s the wireless miniPCI card (an Atheros AR5700G).

These are the main chips on the board (in yellow):

1. SoC: ikanos IKF6836 (
2. RAM: SAMSUNG   K4H511638G-LCCC (
3. Flash: SPANSION S29GL128P11TFI1 (
4. Media converter: IC+ IP113S LF (
5. Switch: Marvell 88E6063-RCJ1 (
6. ATA: ZARLINK Le88266DLC (

So, our router architecture is similar to Belgacom BBox2 (aming others), 16Mb of flash and 64Mb of RAM.

Ok, neat piece of hardware. In the next post, we’ll se what those tasty headers are there for :)

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  1. pianoquintet says:


    Given the limitations on the configurability of the router function of the Argo 95, I would like to replace it with a simple media converter and use my own router for the NAT/LAN.

    Has any one had any luck with that? I wonder if one could not simply purchase an IP113A media converter, which this post indicates is contained in the Argo 95.

    Thank you.

  2. andreadrwx says:

    Hi all,

    I’m looking for an Argo 95 to play a bit with it. Any idea how could I procure one?


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