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A bit of joy for the 55+, too! —

Big thanks to Arf, that – using a little voodoo – has managed to dump an older firmware from a vanilla ARGO55+! So we can downgrade the ADSL flavour, too :) I’ve updated the relevant post, please let me know if there’s something wrong.  

Amtec (ElsagDatamag) Argo 55/95 – Take 6: Uncompress rg_conf —

Just a quick one (thanks to purputy for pointing this out): the two configuration areas of the flash we dumped in the previous post are compressed with the deflate algorithm, and it’s quite easy to extract them. I’ve made up a quick’n’dirty script (in php, forgive me, just because the gzinflate function was quicker to use) that you can […]